CyRAQ 1000 Series Outdoor LCD Displays
Sunlight Readable Outdoor LCD Displays
A Greener
Signage Solution™
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CyRAQ 1000 Series
Outdoor Sunlight Readable Displays

High-Performance Outdoor Digital Signage
Our CyRAQ 1000 Series of sunlight readable LCD displays have been developed for use in all-weather digital signage applications as a byproduct of CyberResearch's 25+ years of experience building rugged industrial computer and display systems. To date CyberResearch has supplied over 10,000 displays for use in severe and industrial environments including manufacturing, NASA, R&D Labs, marine, process control, off-shore oil drilling, and nuclear power. CyberResearch products are used by most Fortune 500 companies as well as universities, government and military worldwide.

Mastering the Physics of Light
Ever notice how hard it is to read your cell-phone screen in direct sunlight? Excessive light reflections reduce contrast and make a standard LCD flat-panel display appear washed out. CyberResearch has mastered the physics of light by commercializing multiple display enhancement technologies originally developed for avionics and the military to reduce both reflected light and power consumption. The resulting image quality is superior to conventional displays rated at up to 2000 nits brightness. As a result, your message remains crystal clear and easy-to-read, even when viewed in direct sunlight.

Energy Efficient Green Design
CyberResearch products are both environmentally friendly and energy efficient by design. CyRAQ digital signage display systems typically require 30% to 50% less power than conventional designs using mechanical refrigeration while providing superior sunlight readability. Give us a call for free application assistance call at 203-643-5000 or 800-341-2525.
Sunlight outdoor LCD monitor
CyRAQ 1046SE
46 Inch Sunlight-Readable Outdoor Digital Display
Digital Drive-Thru Menu Board of the Future
Featuring Qty 3 46 inch Displays

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