CyRAQ 1000 Series Outdoor LCD Displays
Sunlight Readable Outdoor LCD Displays
A Greener
Signage Solution™

Outdoor Sunlight Readable
Digital Signage Applications:

CyberResearch has developed a family of environmentally friendly sunlight-readable LCD display systems, with optional interactive touchscreen. CyRAQ displays are suitable for use in a wide variety of outdoor video and digital signage applications.

Now available in screen sizes from 15” to 65”, CyRAQ vandal-resistant outdoor displays feature proprietary AR-Bonding image enhancement technology. This energy-saving breakthrough cuts power consumption by 30 to 40% while maintaining sunlight readability equivalent to conventional displays rated from 1500 to 2000 nits. Single or multiple LCDs can be installed on a pedestal, wall, or custom mounting stand in landscape or portrait orientation. Multiple displays can be combined to present a common image in video-wall applications.

CyberResearch can custom tailor a unique built-to-order CyRAQ digital signage display on a quick turn-around basis to meet your specific application configuration, reliability, and budget requirements. Give us a call for free application assistance. 203-643-5000 or 1-800-341-2525.
Reduce perceived wait times...
  • QSR Drive-Thru Menu Boards
  • Preview Boards and Kiosks
  • Outdoor Patio Dining
  • Gas Stations, Convenience Stores
Sports/Theme Parks
Enhance the customer experience...
  • Stadiums, Sports Arenas
  • Theme & Amusements Parks
  • Sports Venus Luxury Boxes
  • Hotels, Decks, Pools
View 1080p Full High Def video...
  • Rock Concerts, Theaters
  • Outdoor Movie Posters
  • Yachts, Golf Courses
  • Casinos, Sports Bars
Display scheduled arrivals and departures outdoors in any weather...
  • Airport Information Kiosks
  • Train & Subway Stations
  • Bus Shelters, Street Furniture
  • Ferry Docks, Cruise Ships
Public Spaces
Deliver targeted messages at the right time and place...
  • University Campus Way-Finding
  • Shopping Mall Store Windows
  • Museums, Hospitals, Parking Lots
  • Houses of Worship Event Boards
Industry, Government
Communicate critical information in severe environments...
  • Public Buildings, Military Bases
  • Offshore Oil Platforms
  • R & D Labs, Manufacturing
  • Process Monitoring
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