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It’s easy to configure a CYRAQ® monitor
with the exact combination of features that your application requires.

Huge selection. Over 1,000 different CYRAQ models are available for immediate delivery!
An overview of our current CYRAQ product lineup is summarized in the bullet chart below. You can now select from more than 1000 different CYRAQ model configurations with a choice of screen size, brightness, resolution, and mounting. We also offer optional enhancements such as touchscreens, AR-Bonding and Panel PCs. We make it easy for you to order the exact display configuration that best fits your needs. We maintain a large inventory of finished modular subassemblies so that we are able to quickly build and ship over 300 of the most popular CYRAQ models for immediate delivery.

CyRAQ Series Industrial LCD Monitors

Get the special features that you require.
Need high performance in a small or special form factor? Or in a special color? Need an exclusive custom product with your company’s logo? There’s no need to compromise. If you don’t see precisely what you need, call us. The CYRAQ product line was developed specifically to meet the challenges of our customers’ customization requirements. Our unique modular design enables us to build special monitors on a quick turnaround basis with the exact combination of custom features that your application requires. We can provide COTS off-the-shelf monitor systems with options such as vandal-resistant enclosures, display enhancements for sunlight readable and night-vision viewing, dim-to-dark display controls, special cooling or heating for extreme ambient temperature conditions, IR blocking filters, 12/24/48VDC input, special EMI shielding, panel PCs with expansion slots and lots of I/O, embedded digital signage controllers, and special mounting adapter plates . . . just to name a few.

Free application assistance. We can help you select the options that best meet your needs.
Our application engineers act as an extension of your engineering department. We can help you determine the right technology to deliver optimum performance. We can help guide you step-by-step through the display configuration selection process. Give us a call or visit

Get what you want. No compromises!
Mounting Brightness Video Input
40" can also have Component and HDMI inputs
Resolution CyRAQ
Panel PCs
Rack Panel VESA WALL 250-
VGA DVI S-Video Composite Maximum High
40"         1920x1080
31.5"     1920x1080
24"       1900x1200
21.3"         1600x1200
20"         1600x1200
19"   1280x1024
17"   1280x1024
15"   1204x768
12.1"       1280x1024
10.4"       1280x1024  
8.4"       800x600  
6.5"       640x480  

CyRAQ Series Industrial LCD Monitors

Mastering the Physics of Light: Cost-Effective Sunlight Readability
CyberResearch’s new proprietary AR-Bonding antireflection glass treatment virtually eliminates light reflections found in outdoor installations and other locations where high ambient light levels from sunlight or fluorescent lighting can be a problem. CyberResearch has mastered the physics of light by commercializing multiple display enhancement technologies, originally developed for avionics and military applications, to provide cost-effective sunlight-readable monitors for use in marine, signage, and industrial applications. CYRAQ® LCD flat-panel monitors are designed to deliver outstanding display performance over a wide range of operating conditions. Many techniques are used by CyberResearch to enhance the sunlight readability of displays including passive methods (like AR-Bonding to reject ambient light for increased contrast) and active methods (such as backlight brightness enhancement to boost transmitted light). Each enhancement approach has its own trade-offs. Selecting the right technologies for optimum display performance requires careful and deliberate attention to application details. Give us a call. We can help guide you step-by-step through the display configuration selection process. Excessive light reflections can often reduce contrast and make a standard LCD flat-panel display appear washed-out and difficult to read.

The primary advantages of AR-Bonding include:
  • Enhances Sunlight Viewability: By eliminating the air gap between the top cover glass and the LCD, internal reflections are virtually eliminated and contrast is enhanced by 3-5 fold, making the LCD display more suitable for daylight viewing.
  • Prevents Condensation: AR-Bonding eliminates the possibility that moisture in the air gap can condense and cause fogging in severe washdown and marine applications.
  • Provides Shock Protection: The layer of optical bonding material between the top cover glass and the LCD provides extra support and enhances the mechanical integrity of the display for use in high shock and vibration environments.
  • Minimizes Backlight Heat Generation: AR-Bonding allows reduced back-light brightness levels for use in indirect (300 nits) or direct (500 ~1000 nits) sunlight. Outstanding results can be achieved by combining CYRAQ displays (1000+ nits) with AR-Bonding antireflection treatment.
  • Unbeatable Display Clarity: High-contrast, reflection-free monitors with AR-Bonding have set a new standard of performance for readability.
AR-Bonding seals the protective top cover glass or touch-screen glass directly to the front surface of the LCD flat panel display. By filling the air gap with an optical bonding medium that has the same light transmission properties (index of refraction) as glass (typically optical-quality silicon), internal light reflections are virtually eliminated.