CyRAQ 1000 Series Outdoor LCD Displays
Sunlight Readable Outdoor LCD Displays
A Greener
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CyRAQ 1000 Series Digital Signage Displays

High-Performance Outdoor Digital Signs
The CyRAQ 1000 series of digital signs provides reliable, cost-effective LCD solutions for all-weather outdoor installations. Made from heavy-gauge stainless steel, our rugged enclosures stand up to the most demanding weather year after year.

Mastering the Physics of Light
Ever notice how hard it is to read your cell-phone screen in direct sunlight? The same reflections obscure most LCDs in direct sunlight or very bright interior light. Our proprietary passive display-enhancement technology reduces both reflected light and power consumption. The resulting image is equivalent to conventional air-gap displays rated at 1500 to 2000 nits brightness. Your message remains clear and easy to read, even when viewed in direct sunlight.

Green Design Saves Money Every Day
Our passive enhancement technologies reduce backlight energy consumption by 30 to 40% while maintaining equivalent readability. That results in a reduction in required cooling power. You gain twice, and pay less for power every day.

Digital Signage Displays - CyRAQ100 Series

Outdoor Digital Signage Displays

A Size for Every Need
Our 15" digital signs are ideal for use as toppers or wings on static signs, and easily mount in arrays for maximum impact. They not only provide feedback to customers, they advertise specials or overstocks to help upsell, cross-sell, and speed customer decisions.

The larger sizes can all stand on their own as dynamic digital displays, in either portrait or landscape orientation. The 32" to 52" signs can also be toppers or wings for existing static signs. Toppers and wings on existing signs can be a cost-effective way to test potential gains in order size and throughput.

The 52" units have narrow bezels, so in addition to standing alone, they are good candidates for video walls and multiple LCD digital signage displays.
Outdoor Digital Sign Video Wall using three 52" CyRAQ LCDs
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